These are some cool things clients have said about my notes service

Thanks so much for the great notes. Very helpful and I agree with all the criticisms and you gave excellent ideas on how to fix them.
— Raghib A
When I read your notes, I get the sense you are emotionally invested in my script. Your enthusiasm and ideas are infectious. Afterwards I had a sudden rush of motivation and I can’t wait to crack on with the next draft
— Matthew T
I will call on you in the future and thank you for your time and efforts! You clearly put a lot of thought into the assessments!
— Nick B
I’ve solicited note services from several other screenwriters in the past, but you are by far the most thoughtful and helpful.
— Rod K
You have a very amicable approach that makes swallowing all those bitter truths about things to fix so much easier. Your suggestions are the first that have really provided a light at the end of the tunnel.
— Jesse S
He is someone I trust to give me honest feedback. Any time I have implemented his suggestions, it has improved my work so far beyond what I’d first imagined. Most importantly his notes are always constructive and build on what I’m trying to create. If you want to take your work to the next level I suggest you go to Stuart
— Sally P
Absolutely spot on as usual. Thank you so much for all your helpful comments and suggestions. You have quite a knack for the craft.
— Ken W
You reinforced things I already knew, but also hit me with some new points to work on. Your note about the family dynamics was excellent.
— Michael B
Thanks a lot for the notes and suggestions. I agree with all you’ve said and will put them to use.
— Mya B