Hello. My name is Stuart Foreman. I am an award winning screenwriter, comedy writer and script consultant. I began my career as a stand-up comedian before moving into writing. I co-wrote my first sitcom pilot ‘Open Mic’ in 2007.

I co-produced the pilot in 2008. It gained interest from a few production companies and was pitched to the BBC by 6 Degree Media (Alan Greenspan - Executive Producer of Donnie Brasco and High Fidelity).

In 2009, I co-wrote a sketch show pilot called "When we were monkeys", which was produced by 3 Angry Men Productions.

Since then I have written three sitcom pilots, a sketch show pilot, a web series (produced), three short films and I am currently working on my Seventh feature film script. I have sold one feature film script and had three optioned.

My second feature script 'Building Bricks', which I co-wrote with Brendan Cleaves, won Best UK Screenplay at the London Independent Film Festival 2016.

I have recently co-written and executively produced a short film called 'Roger' that stars Game of Thrones' John Bradley and Comedian Seann Walsh. We are currently in talks to turn it into a full-length feature film.

I read for production companies in the US, UK and Australia as well as some  prestigious script competitions. I have been a script consultant since 2010 and gained a loyal client base of over 100 screenwriters.

Please contact me if you are interested in receiving any script notes.